This patchwork landscape of woodland, reclaimed land and creeks, charming towns and quiet villages is located between Ghent, Antwerp and Zeelandic-Flanders. The rivers Schelde, Durme and Moervaart flow gently past windmills, fortresses and castles. 

 Why choose Waasland for your next meeting, conference or "meetcentive"?

  • It is centrally located and easy to reach (E17 Ghent-Antwerp) 
  • It has medium-sized hotels and meeting facilities
  • The wonderful natural surroundings make it the perfect place for "meetcentives"
  • Cities such as Lokeren, Sint-Niklaas and Beveren provide opportunities to enjoy yourself after your meeting.

For more information about Waasland, go to: www.toerismewaasland.be