Perhaps you and your team could do with some peace and quiet? Meetjesland is a dynamic rural region in East Flanders on the Belgian-Dutch border. Combine your meeting with a visit to the creek area (krekengebied), home to the loveliest creeks south of the Westerschelde. Meetjesland, whose main town is Eeklo, shares its border with Zeelandic-Flanders in the Netherlands. 

Why choose Meetjesland for your next meeting, conference or "meetcentive"?

 - Easy access via the N9 and the E34 

 - The perfect environment to de-stress with your team, or to hold a meeting in a calm, peaceful atmosphere.

 - Venues can hold up to 350 people with various break-outs and include parking facilities 

 - The opportunity to hold a meeting in a non-traditional meeting venue

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